Agartha is a mythical land inside the hollow earth (also know as the inner earth), home to many races of advanced beings that went there seeking refuge cataclysmic events on the earth’s surface that sunk the fabled lands of Atlantis and Lemuria. The land exists in a dimension between Terra and another, so Agarthan time is six times faster than on Earth.

The inner earth has an internal, hazy sun, mountain ranges said to be taller than Mt. Everest, oceans wider than the Pacific and glowing crystal cities with ever-changing colors. Agartha is a pristine environment home to animals, reptiles and plants long considered extinct.

Agarthan Technology

An anti-gravity flying craft used for transport in and out of Agartha. The Mesura is activated by pressing the amethyst crystal on the Mesura bracelet. Tiny metal panels sprouted from the bracelet’s metal. These grow to the size of computer screens, curve inward, and join to form a sphere about two and a half meters diameter. The craft opens via a sliding portal on one side.

The insides of the cabin have transparent, silvery walls like fly screens, flexible metal seats that curve around the body of the occupants, and an enlarged version of the amethyst crystal from the bracelet. Mesuras are made of a strong metal unknown to humans, which is impossible to scratch, dent or break, unless you’ve got dragon horns and can puncture the metal.

Flight navigation is controlled by thought or voice commands with or without torching the crystal. Each craft is equipped with invisibility shields to avoid being spotted by humans, and to protect the craft from detection by Terran radars. When the driver has finished using the craft, the Mesura dismantles, and the metal melts and shrinks, as does the crystal (without melting!), reforming the bracelet. Each craft has a different way of dismantling.

Mesura Bracelet
Are used for communicating to other Mesura bracelets and for unfolding into a Mesura flying craft. Agarthan security forces have special Mesura braces that shoot laser beam bullets.

The Great Crystal
A super crystal computer with immeasurable computing power serving as the central computer for the Agarthan version of the internet, control center for the function of all crystal and holographic technology, storage of historical records of Agartha and earth, broadcast and communication system, and regulates maintenance and repairs for the cities infrastructure.

Crystalline technology
Has many purposes, including provision of power, communication, flight, residences, protection of foodstuffs and food crops from contamination or vermin, powering of laser weaponry, healing, education purposes in schools. Larger, more sophisticated crystal technology like The Great Crystal are used to store information and energy.

Mastermind Academy
A school inside the inner earth teaching magic of the mind. Located on a Mount Zyeer, Mastermind Academy is a pyramid with five levels, corresponding to the five levels of magic (brown, red, yellow, blue then black). The pyramid is made from house-sized sandstone blocks, and its base extended for miles. Inside the building there are courtyards, passages, common rooms, nature rooms containing moving mazes, training rooms, class rooms, pools and hospitals.

Students wear capes associated with the level of magic they are learning. Each cape has the Mastermind Academy logo on it – a lightning bolt with the letters MA inside it. When a student puts their cape on for the first time, their magic binds with the material, and the lightning bolt symbol of Mastermind Academy changes to their color of magic.

Two giant openings in the sea at the North and South Poles are considered the main entrances to Agartha. Other doorways, situated on the earth’s ley lines, and connected by tunnel systems, can be accessed from places like the Giza Pyramid in Egypt, Himalayan Mountains in Tibet, Iguazu Falls on the border or Brazil and Argentina, Kentucky Mammoth Cave in south-central Kentucky USA and through the Bermuda Triangle off the coast of Florida USA. These entrances are concealed from human eyes using holographic technology that display mirages showing nothing around the doorway but ocean/mountains or forests.

Magnetic anomalies near some of the doorways create energy fields powerful enough to interfere with compasses, making it impossible for sailors or pilots to determine which direction they are heading.

Word Glossary

Agarthans – any of the races inhabiting or from Agartha.

Agarthan Law of Magic – is a code outlining how magic is to be within Agartha and on Terra, to prevent the abuse of magic, which may harm or destroy others.

Magic of the mind –a Mastermind uses more than the 10% brain power of the average human to transform particles of energy into objects, see without eyes, shape-shifting into other creatures and for advanced physic powers and senses.

Mastermind – is someone with a silver strand who has mastered magic of the mind. A little Mastermind is someone training to be a Mastermind.

Misty Mountains of Shagri-La – an exclamation used by Agarthans.

Shangri-La – a city located in Agartha.

Shamballa – is the capitol city of Agartha, formed by mountain ranges of crystal that flash through a rainbow kaleidoscope of colors, and home of The Great Crystal.

Sight without eyes – also known as brain sight, is using a deeper part of the brain to see, but light is dark and dark is light. In eyesight, the pupils contract and dilate according to let light into the retina, which encodes the information and transfers it to the brain via nerve impulses. The brain decodes the information and forms images, not the eyes.

Teleport – to transport something from one location to another.

Telos – a city within Agartha reportedly located beneath Mount Shasta in California, USA.

Terra – earth.

Terrans – humans living on earth.

Photo Gallery

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