The Silver Chains

Isabelle’s first year at Mastermind Academy starts with a bang, broken bones and her magic going wild. What a way to make new friends! To top it off, her enemies threaten to kill her family if she doesn’t help free them from prison. Left with only one option to save her folks, Isabelle sets out to reign in her magic, secure a place in the advanced class and learn to fly a Mesura. But trouble is brewing and things are taking a very different turn.

Boldrick Cavendar hides a murky past. His actions are why Agartha is under threat from Terran invasion, why they stole and duplicate Agarthan technology for military purposes. A chance at redemption surfaces to stop these scoundrels declaring war on his home. But for some reason he cannot put his claws on, someone keeps stopping him at every turn, and that someone might be Lady Isabelle.

The Silver Chains is the third book in the Mastermind Academy Series. Pick up this book if you love young adult fantasy, with a kick-butt heroine, loads of action, adventure and laughs, and a stuffy, old by-the-book cat. Perfect for fans of Harry Potter, Artemis Fowl, The Candy Shop Wars or The Land of Stories.