The Silver Thief

Top spy for the Agarthan Security Agency, Boldrick Cavendar, is up for a promotion to Head of Intelligence. All he has to do is beat his nemesis and capture the scoundrel atop Agartha’s most wanted list. An easy task for such an honored and decorated puss. But when teenage gypsy Esme steals Boldrick’s Mesura bracelet, containing information for his mission, his future in the agency is turned upside down.

Fifteen year old Esme is tired of stealing for her family’s survival, especially when they plan to marry her off to another gypsy clan. For her last heist she gets entangled with nasty characters intent on killing to get their property back. Enter Boldrick, the man cat she stole from, just in time to rescue her and his bracelet. Seeing potential in her nifty skill set to aid his mission, Boldrick enrolls her in Agarthan spy training. With Esme’s fellow cadets antagonizing and sabotaging her, this former thief is finding the honest life a lot harder than she imagined.

The Silver Thief, a middle grade fantasy, sci-fi adventure, is the prequel to the Mastermind Academy Series and a bridge book for book 4.