Workshop 1

Workshop 1 – Finding ideas and transforming them into a story


  • Welcome and some facts about author.
  • Finding ideas and inspiration in everyday life with interactive example.
  • Keeping ideas and writing them down in a journal with example of author’s journals and scribbles.
  • Building on ideas to create a story using the author’s examples of how she turned an idea into a novel. Analyses outlining for chapters vs writing unplanned.
  • We’ll ask some “what if” questions to help students come up with some ideas for chapters or plot (i.e. what if a tiger was set loose on the character’s town, or what if your character was a cat), and do an exercise to explore how our characters react and get to know their personality.
  • Put on the reporter’s hat to research like a pro, and make characters such as pirates sound and act believable.
  • Looking at the three act structure of writing (beginning, middle and end), what they consist of, with a graphic display.
  • A demonstration of the Disney three hats of writing (the creative, the director and the producer) to teach students how to write drafts without writer’s block or judging what is being written.
  • Creating a puzzle and breaking the story into little pieces (chapters) that fit together and flow.