Workshop 2

Workshop 2 – Creating Loveable Main Characters and Deliciously Wicked Bad Guys


  • Welcome and some facts about author.
  • An introduction to characters with an interactive exercise to design our own character/superhero.
  • Conduct an interview with a character with a volunteer from class. Supply a checklist of questions to ask characters to get to know them (interests, clothes, family, special traits or magic powers etc).
  • A look at how the character’s history has shaped them.
  • How a character’s flaws and strengths makes them more believable, likable and relatable.
  • Examining a character’s motivation, goals and obstacles, using an example video of the roadrunner and the coyote.
  • Digging into a character’s journey and how they grow over the story, with a visual example.
  • Creating deliciously evil bad guys, giving them a reason to be bad, goals and obstacles, and making them more powerful than the hero.