Workshop 3

Workshop 3 – The magical elements of story writing


  • Welcome and some facts about author.
  • Transforming an idea into a story and the abcs of plotting and story structure.
  • Theme, tone, mood and atmosphere (i.e. dark tone is more sinister, lighter tone is happy) and how they affect the character. Example discussed and volunteers asked.
  • Establishing who the characters are, the hero on the quest, the antagonist bent on stopping the hero, the supporting characters, character conflict and their change over the book.
  • A look at point of view, who is telling the story and the different options available. Will read examples and ask volunteers to answer.
  • Opening the door to another world, exploring setting and world building, using examples.
  • Don’t forget the five senses of taste, touch, smell, hear and perception, with examples.
  • Showing vs Telling in writing with provided examples.
  • Pen, Paper, Action where students will learn how to create dramatic beginnings, write page turning action, leave the chapter on a cliffhanger ending, add in twists, turns and surprises and pace their story so it doesn’t bore the readers.